Relaxey. Providing Mobile Massage In New Jersey. Corporate Chair Massage, In-Home Massage in NJ, and NJ Event Massage provides Mobile Massage On Site to New Jersey businesses, residents, and even vacationing tourists staying at hotels.

We also provide New Jersey businesses with Corporate Chair Massage services. This is a growing trend among successful businesses, from large to small, in all areas of commerce. Even education and nonprofits have joined the wave.

Our In-Home Mobile Massage Service helps you to beat the grind and unwind where you are.™ Options include Couples side-by-side Therapeutic Massage and traditional 'one-therapist, one-recipient' session. We serve all areas of New Jersey.

Mobile Massage in New Jersey is not a new concept. However, the level of ability and experience of our therapists clearly is. We assure you that our staff is caring, punctual, and always professional. But above all else, what sets us apart is the skill level of our therapists: Unparalleled. Ours are among the most proficient and gifted.

Book a session of Mobile Massage right here on our web site. Our friendly concierge service will phone you to confirm the details and answer all your questions. Please ask. Thank you.


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in-home massage, massage for your party, office chair massage, couples massage (in-home), and 4-hand-massage offered.

Relaxey!'s philosophy:
We care about our clients. We care about Therapeutic Massage. And, we care about our therapists. We hire extremely carefully, hiring only the best of the best LMTs.

Our therapists are prompt, professional, and care about helping others. All are licensed and insured, and background checked.

Mobile Massage has been around a while. First, it was via phone. Then, websites. And finally, apps. Now, we introduce our Cloud-App™ Service, reliable 100% of the time, taking NONE of your phone's resources, and never needing any updates. Easily select a therapist that meets your specifications, including less common modalities like Lomi-lomi and Hot Stone.

In-Home Massage, Chair Massage for Events, and even Massage in the Workplace are all easy to book now with our CloudApp, the new, easier way to book. We never force you to pay a built-in gratuity before payment, ever. If you choose to tip in cash at the time of your appointment, that's your business. We do not condone the practice of forced-tipping, feeling that it defeats the idea of merit-based tips, rather inflating costs quietly, and forcing all clients, and therapists, to accept a "standard" tip.


Locations Served: (grey = proposed) Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Riverdale, Dix Hills, The Hamptons, Northern New Jersey, Scranton, Denver, Greenwich, Hartford, Mackinac Island, SF, SD, LA, DC, Houston, Austin, Vermont, Grosse Point.

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