Relaxey. On Site Mobile Massage Spa Policies

Relaxey On-Site Mobile Massage Service requires that you abide by our rules when working with our concierge, as well as our Mobile Massage Therapists.

We will get a Therapist out to you promptly. If it's on short notice, that's perfectly fine. We do not require advanced prior notice. The shortest time frame a therapist may be able to get to you is thirty minutes. It may take up to an hour.

Please be home when your therapist arrives. If it's an office Chair Massage appointment, remember the date and be sure your staff is actually around! If scheduling in advance, our concierge will phone you a day before the session as a reminder.

Appointments for in-home massage shall be refunded for the full 100% until three days before the session. From three days prior, onward, until the day before, the refund is 50%. If cancelling on the day of the session, or you've forgotten about the session, the payment due is 100%.

Postponements are possible until the day before the session. If you postpone, the full amount paid will be applied to the session.

For Chair Massage, the initial deposit is nonrefundable, if cancellation should occur at any time. The deposit may be applied to a new date until three days before a session. After that time, the deposit would be forfeited if you were to cancel.

Please respect your Massage Therapist's boundaries and her competencies. We do not have chiropractors on staff, so please do not ask for back cracks! Let your therapist work within her scope of practice.

Massage Therapists are trained professionals and would prefer to be referred to as Massage Therapists, LMTs, or RMTs in Canada. Masseuse, though often used to this day, is a term that may also refer to practitioners of...other things...quite apart from Massage Therapy. If you've used this term for eight decades, you probably do not mean any harm by it, but you may inadvertantly hurt the feelings of your therapist.

You must fill out an Intake Form for In-Home Massage. For Corporate Chair Massage or Chair Massage Events of all types, this is not necessary.

This provides your therapist with your health information, and allows her to deliver a session tailor-suited to your needs. We also need to know about any health conditions you may have. This must be received by the main office at least an hour before your session.

For In-Home Massage, please tell us about all past and present health issues on your Intake Form. This is for your safety, and is required by law. Sessions must be modified for a number of health conditions, including diabetes, autoimmune disorders, or even a simple sprain.

The Intake Form also provides space for you to let your therapist know how/where to park at your location, as well as any other special instructions, such as leaving your vehicle with the valet service, etc.

You must comply with all our security measures. We care about the safety of our Massage Therapists. Failure to comply 100% with our protocols may result in future denial of service. We reserve this right unconditionally.

All your billing and personal information, as well as Health Information, is protected by HIPAA laws and is protected according to the law's specifications.

Please do not ask for anything beyond a massage. Even in jest, this is not appreciated. This is serious. Our Therapists are not 'those kinds of people', and will be deeply offended. Our LMTs have been instructed to leave, phone us, phone the police, and then have the police help them gain access to get their massage table and supplies. With what we pay them, they don't need to rely on anything besides legitimate service.

Nudity is not permitted. It is both illegal and unnecessary for the performance of Therapeutic Massage. Please do not request that the session be performed without draping. Even if it's uncomfortable for you, this is an unwavering requirement.

Please be ready to begin your session on time. The exception is breastfeeding Moms that may take a break during a session of postnatal massage to feed the baby.

You may request a therapist by name. If you do not, you'll be randomly assigned a therapist, though we try to keep the same therapists with the same clients if the therapist is free.

Please do not ask the therapist to schedule appointments with her in future, outside of We Soothe. It's not fair to us; we provide a positive environment for Massage Therapists to practice and earn graciously. We spend on marketing and advertising, and ensure the safety of our therapists. And, it's not fair to the therapist. Think of it this way: She's supplementing her income with We Soothe. It's helping; we've been kind; she loves it! Now you're asking her to "double-cross" us and creating a bind for her. Therapists will be happy to schedule a second appointment for you through We Soothe.

Please leave your porch light on for in-home massage in the evening. Your LMT will appreciate it.

Please e-mail us feedback after your session. This is our Quality Control and lets us know how our therapists are doing.

If you loved your session, please consider leaving a review afterwards on Yelp or Google. This assures that amazing therapists will be able to pay their bills, busy from work generated by your great reviews!

Your Massage Therapist keeps 100% of her tips, whether cash or credit.

You are not required, nor expected, to tip. However, in the New York City Metro Area, tipping is customary, a well established part of our culture. This is largely true throughout the states. However, it is always your choice whether to refrain from tipping, or how much you should tip if you do decide to do so. We cannot fathom the logic of a mandatory standard gratuity, regardless of local custom. You have the liberty to tip as you see fit and we respect this. Not tipping should always be an option in a free market.

Your session will be precisely the number of minutes you paid for. Set-up time, disassembly, and interview are NOT counted toward the time you paid for. If it's a one hour session, expect precisely sixty minutes on the table. If your therapist goes over, because she is deeply focused on helping you, this is permitted. Consider a gracious gratuity. As it's on her own time and without pay, that just makes sense.

Our cost is higher than services offering 'cheap' Mobile Massage. These discount companies are not our competition; they serve an entirely different sort of clientele. We charge more, yes. Why? We pay our therapists more, firstly. They deserve it.

Secondly, our therapists' time is worth more, as each is far more skilled than the average therapist at most other mobile massage services. While we have specials and discounts from time to time, please respect that the therapist is a health care worker, and deserves to earn a decent sum. Massage is manual labor; your therapist graduated from an accredited program; she's a professional.

And thirdly, for our part, seamlessly co-ordinating highest-quality Therapeutic Massage sessions between you and your therapist, we expect fair compensation as well. As karmically wonderful this may be, this is not a charity.

Finally,there are many people out there within our coverage area who can, and do, pay for quality in everything they purchase. With three Mercedes in the driveway, a seven figure domicile, and the best of everything, why settle for an average Massage Therapy session from an average therapist?

Book a session of Mobile Massage right here on our web site. Our friendly concierge service will phone you to confirm the details and answer all your questions. Please ask. Thank you.


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Relaxey!'s philosophy:
We care about our clients. We care about Therapeutic Massage. And, we care about our therapists. We hire extremely carefully, hiring only the best of the best LMTs.

Our therapists are prompt, professional, and care about helping others. All are licensed and insured, and background checked.

Mobile Massage has been around a while. First, it was via phone. Then, websites. And finally, apps. Now, we introduce our Cloud-App™ Service, reliable 100% of the time, taking NONE of your phone's resources, and never needing any updates. Easily select a therapist that meets your specifications, including less common modalities like Lomi-lomi and Hot Stone.

In-Home Massage, Chair Massage for Events, and even Massage in the Workplace are all easy to book now with our CloudApp, the new, easier way to book. We never force you to pay a built-in gratuity before payment, ever. If you choose to tip in cash at the time of your appointment, that's your business. We do not condone the practice of forced-tipping, feeling that it defeats the idea of merit-based tips, rather inflating costs quietly, and forcing all clients, and therapists, to accept a "standard" tip.


Locations Served: (grey = proposed) Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Riverdale, Dix Hills, The Hamptons, Northern New Jersey, Scranton, Denver, Greenwich, Hartford, Mackinac Island, SF, SD, LA, DC, Houston, Austin, Vermont, Grosse Point.

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