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About Us: What's In A Name? In Our Case, Quite A Bit.

We Soothe. When we had to come up with a name for our new company, we knew right away what we were after. Something that conveys a more spiritual dimension to Massage Therapy, a name that conveys action, healing, and serenity at once. But you know how that story goes: Soon after we were up and running, some giant company out of California, also offering mobile massage and an app, was advertising in our area, getting tons of press. Articles state that the company was given a lot of equity to operate at a loss as long as necessary. So, we reluctantly left our name in the past.

There is a a silver lining, as there thankfully has been for us so many times before. We have an even better name, in terms of marketability: Relaxey. We do not desire brand confusion, and so We Soothe is now Relaxey. This name was also created by DF Alb. It's a playful name, which better suits our cloud-app. We leave the following text as a memorium to the brand we are now retiring, We Soothe. And, it's still about us and our team of independently operating LMTs.

We Soothe [now Relaxey!] was founded by actual LMTs, not a marketing team in a boardroom. After years in the field of Massage Therapy, after having encountered all sorts of names for day spas and massage companies, from the cute and silly, to the boring and cookie-cutter, to the outright bizarre, we knew we wanted a name to match our temperment and perspective.

Many also had the word 'hands' in their names. From our perspective, it's about more than our therapists' hands; it's about each therapist, as a whole person, helping others along in their own journeys to wholeness and personal development.

Massage Therapy is a kinesthetic healing activity; that is, it's all about the motion and flow, and how it makes you feel, and how it helps your body, mind, emotions, and some (including us) will say Spirit.

It's all about the therapists' flow. We Soothe is a complete sentence with a verb and a noun. It flows. Who soothes? We do! The highly-skilled LMTs behind the brand are what matters. This is exactly what we were trying for, and we were quite happy with the results. Not only a name, but a name with meaning on many levels. Healing is an active science and art; Massage Therapy is soothing in action. We loved it!

The specific verb we chose was carefully considered as well. We've never been about pampering. That's for babies and massage newbies. Healing is what it's about for us, but that's really too strong as part of a name for a business, for our comfort. Relaxing? Yes; but so is a Martini. Too broad. We Help Others. That's what we do. But that sounds like a nonprofit dedicated to some worthy end.

In the end, 'soothe' fit just right after running down a list of verbs and adjectives that made sense. After a massage, we felt soothed. Still. Calm. Within the context of meditation, yoga, and healing, this matched best for us, and had all the right connotations. Our name is something that means a great deal to us, as there's so much personal meaning behind its creation, and it explains so much, so succinctly, about what We Soothe. is all about.

Each of our therapists has their own story to tell. The path that leads to healing is diverse and without any steadfast rules.

However, we can tell you a bit about ourselves. The founders of We Soothe are a partnership of serious LMTs who have worked in the area of Massage Therapy for over ten years, each. Neither of us expected to ever work as a Massage Therapist; we all posess degrees and backgrounds in disparate fields. We have worked providing Mobile Massage in the NYC Metro region since a time before apps and Internet services.

Yes; it's true, we're veterans of the Mobile Massage business...and the communications business...and well-familiar with the weighty tasks of operations and personnel management. As such, we've seen everything, and by now know how to operate a smooth business, with therapists each giving 110% to making our name synonymous with highest quality of care. The key is how we treat our contractors. We believe they should be respected. It's that simple. We have years of prior experience managing a team of LMTs, and that experience helps us. Plus, as LMTs ourselves, we've viewed this from both sides.

We Soothe started because we saw a need for our service in the communities that we now serve. We Soothe. is the result of careful attention to every detail. We felt that a 'super-size' model wasn't the most appropriate for Mobile Massage because clients will always want to deal with a concierge familiar with the therapists and their specifics.

We wanted to keep an online presence with a small, exclusive Day Spa feel, focusing instead on quality rather than quantity. Volume of business is wonderful; who could contest that? However, it's not everything. Certainly not to us. We don't have angel investors to please. So we run We Soothe. our way, with customer service, and concern for our therapists, as top priorities. That's who we're acountable to: our clients, our therapists, and ourselves. That's it.

All our therapists are hand selected, background checked, and undergo practical and written testing. They are all extremely well qualified as LMTs. Beyond that, each has their own perspective on healing and Massage Therapy. It's best to leave their stories to them; after a session is a wonderful time to inquire about a therapist's credentials and training. Most will be more than happy to talk about Massage Therapy.

Our interface is original, easy to use, and works amazingly well. It's the culmination of years of work and effort. As with all we do, its originality and clever design stands out. We are happy with these accomplishments.

Book a session of Mobile Massage right here, right now. Our friendly concierge service will phone you to confirm the details and answer all your questions. Please ask. Thank you.


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in-home massage, massage for your party, office chair massage, couples massage (in-home), and 4-hand-massage offered.

Relaxey!'s philosophy:
We care about our clients. We care about Therapeutic Massage. And, we care about our therapists. We hire extremely carefully, hiring only the best of the best LMTs.

Our therapists are prompt, professional, and care about helping others. All are licensed and insured, and background checked.

Mobile Massage has been around a while. First, it was via phone. Then, websites. And finally, apps. Now, we introduce our Cloud-App™ Service, reliable 100% of the time, taking NONE of your phone's resources, and never needing any updates. Easily select a therapist that meets your specifications, including less common modalities like Lomi-lomi and Hot Stone.

In-Home Massage, Chair Massage for Events, and even Massage in the Workplace are all easy to book now with our CloudApp, the new, easier way to book. We never force you to pay a built-in gratuity before payment, ever. If you choose to tip in cash at the time of your appointment, that's your business. We do not condone the practice of forced-tipping, feeling that it defeats the idea of merit-based tips, rather inflating costs quietly, and forcing all clients, and therapists, to accept a "standard" tip.


Locations Served: (grey = proposed) Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Riverdale, Dix Hills, The Hamptons, Northern New Jersey, Scranton, Denver, Greenwich, Hartford, Mackinac Island, SF, SD, LA, DC, Houston, Austin, Vermont, Grosse Point.

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